The Florence Times, 1893, “A Wail From Rodgersville”

How the Late Storm Served an Old Friend
RODGERSVILLE, MAY 1, 1893. EDITOR TIMES: — The first time I met you was at the Democratic rally at Mars Hill. I subscribed for your paper that day; I have received and read it ever since. I thought that you were the most honest and truthful looking editor I had ever seen. Knowing that all editors are truthful, I placed great confidence in you. You urged the farmers to raise hog and hominy at home and plant less cotton. I had great confidence in you and was glad to take your advice, so I planted one hundred acres in wheat, oats, rye and corn; also a large crop of vegetables and seven acres in cotton. Well, the flood came, and washed the hill corn and soil down and covered the bottom corn with mud; ten head of my hogs died; the hail and wind beat down my wheat and rye; the frost bit my Irish potatoes and other vegetables, grapes, etc.; my sweet potatoes rotted in the bed; the old woman’s milk, butter, jars, buckets and churn washed out of the spring house and went like Ward’s ducks. I suppose they are at New Orleans by this time. Well, I have a little confidence in you yet. Please tell me what in the ____ to do next.

Z. B. Romine 

Mr. Romine has had bad luck truly. But did his cotton escape?

Back in 1989 my Grandmother, Great Aunt, first cousin once removed, and another first cousin once removed put together a packet of selected works by Uncle Zach. I will be drawing from these works for my stories and articles. Before jumping into stories, I will be setting the scene with information about the Reconstruction Era and the early part of the turn of the century. This information will range from history and politics, to shape note singing and soap making.

My resources for this information will be varied and trustworthy- there is a living history park near where I live that deals with this exact time period and I hope to learn from the reenactors there some things about the period and get my hands on further reading. I also am planning a road trip to Lauderdale county, Alabama, to see if I can find more articles of Uncle Zach’s– like I said, what I have is just a small selection.

I am so grateful that I have all this family history to share- the unimportant history is the best history; it is how we all got here today.


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2 responses to “The Florence Times, 1893, “A Wail From Rodgersville””

  1. Aggie says :

    Well, Isis Farms current woes have nothing on what Uncle Zach described. Lou got a great chuckle while reading his letter.

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