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My name is Sarah. I am one of the great-great-great-grandchildren of Mr. Zachariah Bennet Romine, who was born is Lauderdale County, Alabama in 1830. He lived all his life within one mile of where he was born; attended school for only three or four months; served as justice of the peace six years; and did many other notable things in his long and active life. His daddy was Peter Romine who located in Northern Alabama soon after a treaty with the Indians opened that section to settlement by white folk. His mother was a woman of Irish parentage with the surname Rose.

Zachariah married Lucinda Perkinson on October 26, 1858 and raised a family of six boys and five girls. He was a blacksmith by trade, and wrote for the Florence Times for a number of years. He was known as “Uncle Zach”. His home was open to any traveling minister or salesman traveling through the country, and not a livelier or more interesting companion could be found. It was said that Uncle Zach was famous for being a Correspondent of Original Ideas.


Here I will be visiting in writing the kind of life my 3rd great grandfather lived: in informational articles, historically leaning fiction (since he himself used hyperbole in his humor column, I will take that liberty as well…), and in any other medium I can think of- this is all in the name of familial love and, of course, fun.

Y’all enjoy your stay.